The Wharerātā Group is an international network of Indigenous leaders working in mental health & addictions, who share a vision of the near future in which Indigenous peoples sustain their optimal health and wellbeing, who contribute to that vision through strategic use of our Indigenous leadership influence on mental health and addictions systems.

Wellbeing is based in our cultures

Indigenous health and well-being incorporates mental wellness and is defined through our Indigenous cultures.

Indigenous peoples have the right to wellbeing

Indigenous families and communities should and will have optimal health and well-being.

Our wellbeing is connected to our self-determination

A pivotal right of Indigenous peoples is the right to self-determination.

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Healthy Indigenous individuals, families and communities through Indigenous leadership.

Wharerātā is a Maori word, pronounced“Far’ re rah’ ta”

Whare translates to“house.”

Rātā translates to“tree with bright red flowers and a large canopy”.

Wharerātā means “a house of wisdom and

understanding, a house of shelter and protection”.


  • The poles holding up a longhouse or meeting house

  • Support, sustenance, elevate, establish;

  • Person who is strength of the group or leads discussion;

  • Leader


See the latest from the Wharerātā Group:

New documents from Te Rau Matatini (Aotearoa)

Below are two recent publications from Aotearoa, both have come from Te Rau Matatini. The first publication is Kia Hora Te Marino Trauma Informed Care for Māori and explores Māori specific cultural understandings to assist Trauma Informed Care for Māori relevant to: •...

Racist Health System in Aotearoa (New Zealand)

Nga mihi mahana kia koutou This is a tribunal hearing under our Treaty claims We are kept updated by Dr Maria Baker Pouwhakahaere Matua (CEO) Te Rau Matatini Please feel free to make direct contact with Maria using the below information Address:  22 Kaiwharawhara Rd,...

Announcing new international chairs of the Wharerātā Group

In the Wharerātā meetings of 2018, Rose LeMay resigned as international chair.  The Wharerātā Group in consensus chose two co-chairs, a man and woman, to share the leadership and responsibility.  Please welcome Thomas Brideson from Australia and Carole Koha as the...

New friends in Norway and Sweden

Please welcome our new Sami friends from Norway and Sweden!  We share much in common with Sami, and Sami also have much to teach us about Indigenizing mental health from their cultural knowledge base. At IIMHL 2018 in Stockholm - Simon Issát Marainen, Sami, stood up...

Healing Our Spirit Worldwide – 2018 in Sydney

Healing Our Spirit Worldwide  Sydney, Australia - November 26-29, 2018   ABOUT THE EVENT Gawuwi gamarda Healing Our Spirit WorldwideguNgalya nangari nura Cadigalmirung(Calling our friends to come, to be at Healing Our Spirit Worldwide. We meet on the country of...

Wharerātā Group guest edits the Journal of Social Inclusion

Look at this!  We were guest editors for a special edition of the Journal of Social Inclusion!  We advocated for Indigenous authors to write on Indigenous perspectives.  A joint effort by Pat Dudgeon (University of Western Australia), Waikaremoana Waitoki, Rose LeMay...